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How to Cold Call & Build New Customers
How to Cold Call & Build New Customers

This live online training program will help you make strong calls that create appointments and lead to new.

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Kickoff to Online Learning: Maximize your Online Learning
Kickoff to Online Learning

Our online learning environment is designed to be engaging, interesting, informative, and above all, interactive. Success is all about interaction, so participate actively using all of the methods available to you.

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Step Up to Leadership
Step Up to Leadership

This live online program will smooth your transition from individual to leader. You will learn delegation, time management, and performance appraisal techniques, and gain insights into the aspects of leadership needed to inspire and motivate teams.

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How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact- Live Online
How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact

Learn how to gain a flexible communication style with an awareness of your word choices, tone, and body language.

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Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitude of Leadership-Online
Confident, Assertive, In Charge- Online

This interactive online program will help you build on your strengths and eliminate weaknesses, developing the kind of winning attitudes that all successful leaders have.

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Unique solutions to help your organization reach its unique future

Every organization is different. That's why cookie-cutter approaches don't get the ROI you expect. Our iMAP process creates a unique road map that gets you where you want to go.

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